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Pond Skimmers

What a way to reduce maintenance and improve the health of your pond! Skimmers pull off all floating debris to reduce the pollutants in your water from deterioration of organic matter. These skimmers also provide a housing for your pre-filters and submersible pump.

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PondBuilder™ Elite Skimmers are designed to increase strength and to protect and hide the pump. A submersible pump (sold separately) sits in the back chamber drawing water into the skimmer where it’s filtered first by a debris net and then by a pad before pumping the clean water up to a biological waterfall box. Elite Series Skimmers are made of super-strong engineered material thereby eliminating warping & caving of the unit. Elite Skimmers come equipped with a faux rock lid, two discharge options with UniSeals, mesh net and Matala® Mat to ease skimmer maintenance. Spinweld and plumbing fittings come standard on all units to take overflow water away from pond.

Atlantic™ Skimmers feature heavy-duty components that stand up to years of use. Atlantic™ Skimmers come equipped with Super Flow weir doors, debris net and over-sized brush panels that reduce maintenance. Atlantic also offers a complete line of accessories so you can customize your skimmer for every application. Best of all Atlantic stands behind its rugged enclosures with a Lifetime Warranty.