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Black Matala® HALF Sheet 24" x 39" - Low Density

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SKU: FP06026

24" x 39" sheet with 1 1/2" thickness

Low Density Black Matala®

The Black Matala can be used as a support grate for other layers of media due to its very sturdy and open design. In a settling chamber the Black will slow down and trap very large particles and hair algae.

When you use the Black or Green Matala for solids filtering you may use the garden hose to spray clean them. The dirt falls off very easily.


Matala® is a cutting edge filter media that was specifically designed for use in aquaculture and Koi keeping. Matala® works great both as a mechanical media and as a biological media. As a mechanical filtration it collects debris more efficiently and prevents clogging. Because its fibers are solid they resist sludge build up and are a snap to clean. As a biological media it provides a tremendous amount of surface area. It can be easily cut with a sharp knife and custom shaped to fit in almost any filter.

  • Advanced filter technology for increasing the efficiency of skimmers and other mechanical filters
  • Maximizes the efficiency of biological filters by creating more surface area for beneficial bacteria
  • Use multiple mats in your skimmer for more thorough filtration and less frequent filter maintenance

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