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Blue Matala® HALF Sheet 24" x 39" - High Density

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SKU: FP06028

24" x 39" sheet with 1 1/2" thickness

High Density Blue Matala®

The Blue Matala® filter media will filter out a much smaller particle and yet still maintain good flow distribution. In larger systems all four types can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids.

Matala filter media is a progressive filter Material that is self supporting and multifunctional. Used for prefiltering, mechanical filter media, biological filtration, spawning mat, plant protection, and as a support for other filter medias. Uniquely versatile, Matala filter mats are easy to work with and can fit most all filtration needs.


Matala® is a cutting edge filter media that was specifically designed for use in aquaculture and Koi keeping. Matala® works great both as a mechanical media and as a biological media. As a mechanical filtration it collects debris more efficiently and prevents clogging. Because its fibers are solid they resist sludge build up and are a snap to clean. As a biological media it provides a tremendous amount of surface area. It can be easily cut with a sharp knife and custom shaped to fit in almost any filter.

  • Advanced filter technology for increasing the efficiency of skimmers and other mechanical filters
  • Maximizes the efficiency of biological filters by creating more surface area for beneficial bacteria
  • Use multiple mats in your skimmer for more thorough filtration and less frequent filter maintenance

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