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CrystalClear® Sublime® Fountain Limescale Remover 8 oz

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CrystalClear® SubLime™
Limescale Remover

  • Removes Tough Limescale Stains
  • Keeps Basins Looking New
  • Keeps Pumps & Lines Free-Flowing

CrystalClear® SubLime™ will deep clean basin pits, cracks and crevices to ensure a new appearance all year round. SubLime™ will also help to prolong the life of fountain pumps by removing limescale and calcium deposits in and around the pump housing. SubLime™ safely removes limescale and calcium deposits in all models of fountains, bubblers and water features. Its unique, gentle formula allows for use on all substrates: ceramic, cement, plastic, resin and rock.

Dosage Rate
1 fl oz of SubLime™ treats 10 gallons.

8 fl oz bottle treats up to 80 gallons.

Routine Application Rate
Apply SubLime™ once a week.

Persistent Problem Application Rate
Do not apply SubLime™ at any other rate than the rate prescribed above once a week.

For Best Results
Apply to basin for maximum dispersion.

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Regular Treatment Dose1 oz / 10 gallons
Maintenance Treatment Intervalweekly

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