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Filter Waterfall Boxes

Waterfall spillway boxes are intended to create a continuous sheet of flowing water that you can direct into your constructed waterfall or stream. These units are designed to be compact, heavy duty and easy to install and disguise. These boxes are intended as biological filters, containing large voids to be filled with biological media. There beneficial bacteria develop thriving colonies to clean the water that flows through. Beneficial bacteria competes with the algae for the excess nutrients in the water and process the wastes present making the water safe and clear for fish.

Most filter boxes include a mesh bag for biological media. This must be filled with some sort of high-surface area, fish-safe material in order for the filter to be effective. You can also get extra filter mats, filling the space with a stack of mats, which provides the most dense filtration capacity.

We carry waterfall boxes from Atlantic™ and PondBuilder™. Sizes range from 14" up to 40" waterfall width.