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Koi and Pond Fish Food

Feeding your pond fish 1 to 2 times daily familiarizes them with your presence, making them friendly and generally happy to see you. This regular feeding makes the difference between having sociable, fun pets versus skittish creatures that you rarely see or interact with.

When feeding your fish, keep in mind that the food they digest or doesn’t get eaten becomes organic waste in your pond. This organic waste creates ammonia and phosphates that can contribute to an unhealthy environment and poor water clarity. Feeding your fish only enough food that they can consume in 5-10 minutes will help eliminate this issue. Set time aside to stay with them to watch how much they eat and where the food goes. When feeding more than once a day, decrease the portions.

Koi and most other pond fish have a very simple digestive system with no stomach. The rate at which they can digest and metabolize food depends on the temperature of their environment. In cold or hot water, food can stall in the fish’s digestive tracts and cause health problems, infections or death. In order to ensure your fish are getting a proper diet, follow these guidelines for feeding your fish the Complete Aquatics KoiDiet™ and TetraPond® Fish Food.