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IlluminFX Fiber Optic Lighting System

The IlluminFx Fiber Optic Pond Lighting system consists of a specialized light source enclosed in a box called an illuminator. Up to sixteen individual fiber optic cables are bundled together at one end and terminate in front of the light source inside the illuminator.

Light is transmitted into the common end of the fiber optic cables, travels through the cables and out the other end, illuminating whatever the designer specifies.

IlluminFx fixtures may be positioned underwater, next to the water, out of the water, between rocks, or virtually anywhere one wishes to place them.

A dichroic glass color wheel is placed between the light source and the input end of the fiber optic harness, giving the user the ability to change the color of the light. The wheel may be stopped at one color (white, blue, green, or magenta), or may rotate continuously from color to color.

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