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Professional Grade Kits

These pond kits are designed for the professional pond installers, but the process is so simple that we made them available to you. They are composed of carefully selected products to give you the the most beautiful, reliable, easy to construct and maintain water garden pond that you can conceive of and build. These kits are complete with every ingredient to create a pond so that the only missing elements are water, rocks, fish and plants. They even have your pond's first month's biological treatment.

You can also customize your ponds with options including adding a stream section, adding another waterfall box and pump for dual waterfalls, upgrade the lighting package or create in-pond planting areas. There are also handy features such as auto-fill valve kits, additional biological filter media, aeration kits and floating de-icers for winter maintenance.

These kits are assembled to order, so individual components can be custom swapped for alternative pieces, such as a larger pump for a high waterfall or larger liner for a bigger pond. If you think you know what you want your pond to be like, but don't know what pieces you need to get it there, give us a call or email and our experienced staff will help you choose the right products.

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Complete kits contain every necessary component to build a naturalized water garden pond:
  • Elite™ Skimmer
  • Elite™ Waterfall Box
  • High-efficiency Water Fall Pump
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • PVC Flex Pipe
  • Fish-friendly EPDM 45mil Liner
  • Underlayment
  • Installation Kit
  • Water Treatment Package
  • Installation Instructions