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Rain Garden Kits are designed to harvest and store the rain water and provide irrigation to sustain the garden during drier periods.Browse >
Rain Harvest Kits are for filtering, collecting and storing rainwater (stormwater) that then can be recycled into the landscape.Browse >
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SustainRain® is about conserving and protecting our fresh water supplies through responsible use and by controlling stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff is a major contributor to pollutants found in creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. There are many variations of pollutants that are carried by stormwater: silt and sediment, fertilizer, pesticides, yard waste, soaps, animal waste, heat, etc. Landscape contractors can have a major impact on stormwater management in the urban landscape. This is a great opportunity to not only help the environment but also be more diverse in the services that you provide which will ultimately add dollars to your bottom line.

For this reason, Complete Aquatics has developed a line of SustainRain® products to help you manage and use stormwater within the landscape. A traditional rain garden is a shallow depression in the yard that is planted with a variety of flowers, shrubs and grasses that don’t mind getting their feet wet. A rain garden provides an area that stormwater from downspouts, driveways and patios can slow down and soak in to the ground, providing a filter and buffer for our natural waterways. We have taken this same approach with our SustainRain® Rain Garden and Rain Harvest Systems and taken it one step further by providing a method of capturing rainfall in storage to be then use throughout the landscape. The systems are flexible and can be easily blended into the surroundings.