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Skimmer Accessories & Parts

Ponds with inadequate filter systems tend to require "disruptive cleaning". The process or the frequency of cleaning disrupts the ponds stability. Some filters use a lot of water to clean them properly. Big water changes adversely affect the pond micro-ecology and the fish themselves. Some filters require aggressive or frequent cleaning. This disrupts the stability of bacteria populations. There is no one perfect filter media. Each media will also require certain filter tank accommodations in order to work properly.

Matala® is a specialized filter media that can help solve many of the problems associated with other materials. It is a cutting edge filter media that was specifically designed for use in aquaculture and Koi keeping and it works great both as a mechanical and biological media. As a mechanical media, it collects debris more efficiently and prevents clogging. The solid fibers resist sludge build-up and are a snap to clean. As a biological media, it provides a tremendous amount of surface area. Matala is slightly buoyant and will not sink to the bottom of your filter. Matala is made of a Thermopoly Propylene compound that is nontoxic to the environment.

Skimmer accessories & parts are available for Atlantic™, PondBuilder™ and Aquascape skimmers.