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Rain Harvest Kits

SustainRain™ harvesting solutions provide you with a flexible system for filtering, collecting and storing rainwater (stormwater) that then can be recycled into the landscape. SustainRain™ Rain Harvest Kits come in three standard kits or can be customized to harvest the desired amount of rainwater from the impervious surfaces on the site. The SustainRain™ Rain Harvest Kit is only one of the options available for stormwater in the landscape. The kits are designed on storing 625 gallons per layer or lift of storage SustainTanks™.

SustainRain™ Rain Harvest Kits include:

  • SustainRain™ Filter Basin
  • Liner
  • Underlayment
  • Large SustainTank™ Units
  • Wet Well with Extension(s) & Split Lid
  • Adapters that fit 4" PVC and 4" or 3" corrugated pipe
  • Installation Instructions