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Water Treatments

Learn to work with Mother Nature, not against her, in keeping your water garden clear and healthy. Contained within this category are water treatments ranging from beneficial bacteria to seed a natural ecosystem in your water, biological enzymes and bacteria to digest organic matter in the water, natural and fish- and pet-safe algaecides, dechlorinators, water dyes, barley straw, activated carbon and more.

We carry water treatments for water features from the size of small fountains all the way up to agricultural/commercial sized ponds. If you need help in selecting the right treatment for your new pond or current water feature, call or email our experienced staff to help you keep your water clear.

Adding beneficial bacteria all year is one of easiest the ways to maintain clear, healthy water.Browse >
A range of products from biological and chemical algae treatments to barley straw and others to keep the green at bay in your pond.Browse >
Safe, natural products containing bacteria, enzymes and other biological agents to break-down unattractive pond muck or sludge caused by dead organic matter. Browse >
Get your new pond ready for fish and plants by removing chlorine and phosphates from tap-water, adding pond salt or adjusting and buffering the pH. Browse >
Treatments specially formulated for spring start-up, hot summers, autumn close-down, or over-wintering.Browse >
Products formulated and concentrated for large volumes and natural lakes or ponds. Browse >
Test kits, thermometers, mosquito control, and fountain treatments. Browse >